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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Link's Awakening or Link to the Past?


I think the best is...

Link's Awakening 15 31.25%
A Link to the Past 33 68.75%

Which of these games do you think is better, and why?

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I always preferred Link's Awakening. I just loved how strange it was, how tight knit the world was, the story was so simple yet very effective and left me with more than, "I killed Ganon and saved the day". Music is charming as hell (especially the dungeon themes).

I mean, I can totally understand why you would choose Link to the Past. That game is legendary in its own right, but for me Awakening felt like whoever made it really just let themselves run wild and it shows.

Awakening was also the first game my brother and I beat together so I guess nostalgia plays a role in my choice as well. Granted, a lot of the things I noted can be true of ALTTP as well but the execution for LA just hit me different. 

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I'd play A Link to the Past 30 times over before playing Link's Awakening again.

A Link to the Past for me

I've started LA DX version but never finished. A Link Between Worlds and Minish Cap are my favorite portable Zeldas actually

Though I must respect the quality of Link's Awakening being released in a device that was almost a calculator lol

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A Link to the Past since that is the only Zelda game I ever beat its also my favorite first party SNES game.

Link Between Worlds belongs in this conversation, and is the correct answer.

I was never a huge fan of LTTP. Don't dislike it. Just ok.

Links awakening is my fave, 2D Zelda. While it's still an adventure. It feels more intimate in scope. The music is great as always. The Mario cameos. It's an odd Zelda game but it really works. Why? It was all a dream. Links Awakening was inspired by the TV show Twin Peaks and in an odd way, I see it. It's familiar yet different. It feels like a small town and you get to know everyone. They have their quirks. You're a big fish in a small pond. Something is just off. It makes sense during the dream but after when you wake up. A lot of things just don't. It's very surreal.

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JWeinCom said:
Link Between Worlds belongs in this conversation, and is an incorrect answer.


Honestly I prefer LA, I've always found it more memorable due to its story, unique setting, atmosphere, the dungeons and even the soundtrack (but obviously both games have amazing soundtracks).