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Forums - Sales Discussion - Stock Market thread - Unity Preps IPO

Hey everyone. Many years ago I hosted a virtual stock simulation thread, and a stock analysis thread. I want to continue that activity but in a more casual way. I'd like people who have stocks in gaming companies to join the discussion and share their impressions.

I will post updates in the thread and link to them in OP.

I may also host some virtual stock trading sessions so we can play together, and mention game start in the title.

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To kickstart the discussion, I want to talk about THQ. A few years ago, I bought some THQ stocks, and lost money on it because the company went bankrupt and the stock died. I lost about 1k dollars. I was pleasantly surprised to see the company back alive as THQ Nordic under the company Embracer Group, a Swich video game holding company. They are currently acquiring 8 studios as per a vgc article.

Their stocks have just started being public as of Sept. 2019 and are probably a good one to follow, since they are small now and may possibly grow. The stock started at 25USD, then went down to 7.65USD and is now at 18.05USD.

I'll post news in subsequent posts as they come in.

While Epic Fights With Apple, Unity Preps IPO

Here is some news for those who might be interested in investing in Unity, as Epic may lose marketshare due to its recent behavior.

Here are some metrics from the article


As of June 30, 2020

Monthly active creators

1.5 million

Monthly active end users

2 billion

Games and apps developed per month*


Dollar-based net expansion rate (TTM)


Remaining performance obligation

$171.3 million

Customers generating over $100,000 of annual revenue


Revenue (TTM)

$640.3 million

TTM revenue growth (YOY)


Net loss (TTM)

($150.2 million)


$453.3 million


Unity could become an interesting stock to invest in as they gain marketshare over their main competitors, comment your thoughts.