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Forums - Politics Discussion - IT Antitrust Thread - Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook CEO Antitrust Hearing with Congress (Full Hearing)

In end of July, a 5-hour anti-trust hearing was held between congress and all the major tech giant CEOs to discuss monopolistic practices that put smaller people and companies out of business, and that ensure that control maintains with them.

This hearing is interesting since video games fit in the world of tech, and some of the compagnies involved in the hearing have their own video game platforms.

Watch the above video or parts of it and post your impressions.

I will start by saying that I'm quite happy about this. I have noticed over time that compagnies, especially tech and media giants, are absorbing greater and greater marketshare, and are obtaining too much power, as well as hurting individuals who might make a living out of their platforms. I am glad that a group has finally taken the responsibility to confront it. I look forward to your replies. 

Please don't use this thread to post negative things about one political party or another, I have invited a mod to make sure of it. Stay true to the topic please.

I was suggested to add this highlights video due to the long length of the original. Still I recommend the full-length version at 2x speed if possible.

Here is also a quick overview by TheVerge:

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Cool stuff. Can't wait to have nothing come of it.

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vivster said:
Cool stuff. Can't wait to have nothing come of it.

This but unironically.

There is really no denying that they employ monopolistic practices.

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Thanks for those who participated. I'm going to start updating this thread with cases of abuse by corporations, especially when in the realm of video games.

The latest case is Fortnite being removed from the app store for obviously monopolistic reasons. You can find the thread here.

I'll post more as they come in.