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Forums - Sales Discussion - The fall of TLOU2

Since that thread got locked because I brought up TLOU2 has no legs, figure I would post my reply here:

I will go on the record and say that ACNH will outsell all PS4 exclusives released this Fiscal Year combined.

I have done research, to be more specific, it should have said "I don't have access to raw data".  Might want to look at sales charts... even in the month of July it was already plummeting on the sales charts for the PlayStation Store...

When a game that released the month before that was as hyped as TLOU2 was to be already down to 5th and 10th in the two biggest markets for it to be in, that isn't a good start.

Now lets breakdown the charts of individual markets:

In Japan it fell out of the Top 10 within a couple weeks so it won't be getting help from that market and that market is a key one as it is one of the biggest.

In the UK it was already being outsold by Animal Crossing within 3 weeks and continues to do so.

I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't even make Top 10 this last week, a game so highly touted doesn't even last two months in one of the biggest markets...

Now lets look at Australia/New Zealand:

Within a month TLOU2 was already plummeting... owns this market, lol)

And by the end of July already out of the Top 10 in both charts...

This is the same story for the EU as well:

In France it was already dropping within a month and falling further...

In EMEAA the same story..

Hot take, GoT will outsell TLOU2 this year.  The game is a flop, it had all front loaded sales and then it fell fast because people didn't like the game.

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Nope. This one doesn't work either. We have no solid numbers reported on TLOU Pt II from Sony and using our weekly software numbers doesn't help your cause. On top of that, this remains a creation of bad faith. Do not create another like this.