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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Thinking about Sega future and there dormant franchises(unlikely deal?)

hard truth sega never reviving these until microsoft funds them and makes them exclusive . sony did not fund shenmue 3 it was kickstarted sony wont do anything even though I love Sony. the only company that can bring sega franchise revival is an exclusive 5 game deal for xbox and pc only or else we'll never see these franchise not even next 10 years


Jet set radio 

skies of arcadia

eternal champions 



alex kidd


sega rally

nights into dreams

golden axe

panzer dragoon 

burning rangers

clockwork knight

daytona usa

vector man

comix zone



I know streets of rage 4 was made but what about virtua fighter 6?we haven't heard about that except rumors?I'd be happy if jet set radio 3 was created and funded by microsoft and not kickstarted. like how microsoft funded ori I heard?The last Sega news that was suppose to wow us turned out to be game gear mini which dissapointed many . Sega needs more money and they can't afford ferrari licence anymore so no more outrun 3 for next 20 years until Microsoft taps Sega shoulder for some exclusive . And no I don't want Microsoft to buy Sega just fund there games.

I game on all consoles and PC

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well Alex Kidd does have a remake coming up that got announced last June so there's that for that franchise at least

and the Panzer Dragoon Remake released last March for Switch and they said they were gonna remake the 2nd game as well afterwards

outside of those i'm not sure about anything else, tho I am surprised that Jet Set Radio hasn't had a new game after all this time tbh, i've never played it but it seems like one of the more popular Sega franchises that people always ask for. I agree that it would probably benefit both Microsoft and Sega (assuming both want to) if they were to fund one of these though like they did with Phantasy Star Online 2. 

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