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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Nintendo Switch shatters Nintendo’s all time Q1 software record, outsells Wii’s Q1 home console hardware record by 500,000

April 10 2008, Nintendo release Mario Kart Wii, it would go on to become the highest selling unbundled retail game for a single platform in history, and is still selling tens of thousands of copies annually to this day. Nintendo sold a whopping 40,410,000 software units. This was a new record for Nintendo and would hold for 12 years, when it was finally shattered by the Switch with 50,430,000 sales in Q1 2020.

As a software seller, the Nintendo Switch is now hotter than any Nintendo console has ever been in the history of the company.

While not entirely a home console, the Nintendo Switch sold 5.68 million units, which surpassed the Wii’s 2008 hardware record set at 5.17 million. The Wii went on to sell 26 million units for the year - both all time records for all dedicated home consoles.

The DS holds the all time record for all dedicated video game systems with 6.94 million sold during Q1, and 31 million for the year.

Unfortunately, Sony doesn’t do quarterly software, but for the first half year of 2017 - Sony sold 78.7 million pieces of software - I’m unsure if that is PS4’s record due to missing data, but both Switch and Wii killed that number.

Sony’s top selling Q1 hardware for PS4 was 3.5 million in 2016. Nowhere near the Wii or Switch.

I’ll update this when I am on a PC and can search through PS2 quarterly sales data (Unless someone wants to do that for me). I don’t think Switch beat PS2’s software record which hit something ridiculous like 252 million units for the year (I believe in 2005), but it might have. The Switch can conceivably beat 252 million software units this year. I am fairly sure Switch beat PS2’s hardware record for Q1; but it needs confirming.

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Could you post the page of the PDF that you're looking at?

EDIT: Gonna answer my own question, he's looking at page 9 for 2009 and page 8 for 2020.

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PS4 software sales for the most recent quarter were approximately 100m units and constitutes their own record which also doubles as overall record for April to June software sales.

EDIT: 91.0m, so several millions lower than I remembered reading. Regardless, easily the record for an April to June period.

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Ohh I remember Mario Kart Wii.
there was one guy on this forum claiming it sold so well was beacuse it was bundled with a steering wheel...

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Mario Kart Wii wasn't exactly unbundled.

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Signalstar said:
Mario Kart Wii wasn't exactly unbundled.

Yeah, it was pretty much the second most commonly bundled game after Sports/Resort.

I'm glad Nintendo is doing well, but I'm more interested in the investors Q&A. Hopefully someone will ask them what the hell they're releasing for the next year.