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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Fall Guys Is Amazing! (Now the most downloaded PS Plus game of all time!)

*Updated* - Fall guys is now the most downloaded PS Plus game of all time!:

Downloaded the game after it was made available on this month's PlayStation Plus lineup.

This game is so much fun!  My 7 year old son and I have been playing it non-stop all afternoon - taking turns each game.

It's a sort of game show game where 60 contestants compete in a variety of obstacle course.

You can create your own character from the beginning and earn currency to buy new accessories and designs for your character.

Each game lasts 4 rounds - with a wave of eliminations after each round.

I made it to round 3 a couple of times, but for the life of him my son couldn't get past the first round. 

He was getting a bit frustrated- but I told him to keep trying and he'd get there. 

Sure enough he finally qualified for the second round and he lost his freaking mind when he did!  LOL  Never seen him so ecstatic.

Great, great fun for the family.  I highly recommend - especially if you have little ones at home.

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Can't wait to play tonight. Anyone having server issues?

Gaming with family is awesome. Glad you got to enjoy it with your son.

I was very impressed, and also caught off guard, by the trailer that was posted here on VGC in a news article 3-4 weeks ago. Looks like I wasn't the only one, because the success of the player count, and views on Twitch seems to have surprised publisher Devolver Digital. I hope to try it out soon.

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TallSilhouette said:
Can't wait to play tonight. Anyone having server issues?

It was pretty smooth for us.  I think out of all of the matches we played there was only one time that it  kicked us out of the lobby.

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I had some mild server issues, but that only prevented me from joining a new game for a few minutes. Game is fun, but I hope they add new mini-games very frequently. And I think I'd like some skill based system to prevent stumbling after a deeper fall, like pressing jump again right before landing to roll instead of stumble or sth like that.

it's incredibly fun, and giving it away on PS Plus was a really smart move given how many players it needs to start a match. already won my first crown as well! I also had no idea it was going to have a battle-pash ish system (tho it's free in this case) with different seasons and rewards which is pretty cool too 

the level with the rising lava or whatever is literally hell tho LOL, you know like 99% of the remaining qualifiers are going to die once it picks that one 

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Got an hour in. Pretty fun stuff, though I wish there was a bit more skill involved and I do have to wonder how long the legs on this will be. Almost had my first crown last game but either I messed up the final jump or the server screwed me. I choose to believe the latter.

I have lotta fun with it. 


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Me and a friend were spectating the finals where there are multiple floors with tiles that fall after you step on them.
One guy was doing exceptionally well. Still on the first floor while some people were already on the last.
We said "He's going to win", and then my friend joked "imagine if he falls all the way down."

Couldn't stop laughing. I love how the dive he did made it even worse. lol