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Forums - General Discussion - How old are you?


I am...

60s or older 2 1.16%
50s 5 2.89%
40s 29 16.76%
30s 83 47.98%
20s 47 27.17%
Under 20 7 4.05%

Curious about the demographics of VGChartz in terms of age ranges; how many solar orbits have you survived?

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I turned 28 last month.

43...been posting here since I was 31

Old enough to have aches in my body lol



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Cobretti2 said:
Old enough to have aches in my body lol

and to have an unironic Mike Tyson's Punchout screenshot as your avatar

30. But I'm 40 inside

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I was gonna say. I've known a few of you for at least a decade so there should be a decent amount of 20s and 30s at least. XD
I'm 35...somehow...