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I finally got around to finishing this game and i couldn't help but post my thoughts on it. This game was butchered by critics, sitting on very low scores for all platforms. a 47 on PS4, a 55 on XB1 and a 60 on PC. This is a game i will let the User score do the talking here, as Critic scores have become unreliable in my own personal opinion, and for that, i want to speak about this game that didn't get the chance to shine due to the failed reception it received.

I brought this game a little later after release on Steam so i didn't come across any ground breaking bugs so unless the score was hammer due to bugs at launch, they weren't in my play through. Total hours played was 18 hours and 25 achievements total for this game. 

For someone who is a fan of the first two Terminator movies, this game is basically the prequel to the series which has fallen flat on its face with its recent outing of movies dating back to T3, however i was one of the odd ones who actually enjoyed Terminator Salvation probably because it stuck with the gritty T1 and T2 style of filming and showed us more of the future which is always interesting to learn more about in my eyes as i simply love sci-fi stories. I saw this game, heard from some other gamer's and channel's like Jim Sterling who actually said positive things about the game.. when i was expecting the usual blasting of poor development and milking of the franchise. I can tell you, that this game is not a milk nor is it bad, to me it was worth every minute of a play-through. I went in with little to no expectations and walked out loving Terminator again. It made me want a Terminator movie like the originals. The story and writing is good and if you are a fan of the movies or at least enjoyed T1 or T2 i recommend checking it out. 

Keep in mind this is not a full fledged budget game but sits more in the AA games where the visuals are okay at best but good enough for what they are trying to showcase. (Currently 40% off Steam $34.17au)

This game offers an RPG system like leveling and talent trees, multiple story progression routes, relationships as well as the usual upgrade system for weapons and romantic scenes and multiple endings. It uses the full terminator theme from the movies and not some made up bull crap themes that some license game's create as they couldn't afford or get the rights to the actual movie themes. 

Teylon has done an amazing job with this movie license and unlike their Rambo game, this is actually worth it, the passion behind this game is on show here. I couldn't recommend it enough for what they have done. 

Jim Sterling's Video

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Funny that you posted this because I'm actually playing it right now lol I'm at the part where I just met up with Mack at the bunker.

Personally loving the game so far (story is way more enjoyable than Dark Fate) Definitely recommend the game to any fans of the franchise as well. It's a low budget game but it's really fun and loving the RPG aspect. It's not crazy in-depth but it's definitely fun. Wouldn't have mind it being coop like the Terminator Salvation game last gen. (But im just a sucker for coop).

FYI, doesn't the first Resistance corpse you come across in the hospital chapter look really familiar??

Also I actually enjoyed Terminator Salvation movie as well. Watching that movie actually made it feel like the story was finally moving forward and eventually getting to the part where John Conner reprogrammed Arnold Terminator etc.. but then they kept 'rebooting' the series. I feel bad for fans of this franchise as this started 36 yrs ago and yet it feels like the story barely progressed at all. (....and then Dark Fate screwed it all up)

It was very low on to play list after reading some not to good reviews. However i think i might get around to it duing the week as it seems to be better then i thought.

I loved T3 but hated Salvation. But hey any of them are better than that one with the Game of Thrones actress.