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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS5 120 million units to be shipped within 5 years, according to supply chain source.

PS5 shipments may reach at least 120 million units in next 5 years

Sony's new-generation PS5 game console shipments are estimated to reach at least 120 million units in the next five years after launch in fourth-quarter 2020, roughly double those for Microsoft's Xbox series X, according to sources of its backend supply chain in Taiwan.

The life cycle for household game consoles may be shortened to five years from 6-7 years, and PS5 shipments may challenge 120-170 million units when its 5-year cycle expires, compared to 110 million units registered to date for PS4 launched in November 2013, the sources said, adding that Sony has recently boosted its PS5 shipment estimate for 2020 to near 10 million units.

AMD-designed processors for the device fabricated by TSMC on its 7nm node and packaged by ASE Technology and Siliconeware Precision Industries (SPIL) with its FCBGA process are already being delivered to Sony, and shipments of peripheral chipsets are expected to peak later in the third quarter to support first wave of terminal sales in the fourth quarter, the sources continued.

Taiwan's chipmaker ZillTek Technology and China's AAC Technologies now share Sony's orders for handle controller chips for PS5, and another two Taiwanese IC designers Nuvoton Technology and Genesys Logic are supplying MCUs and USB hub controllers, respectively, for the device, with Greatek Electronics as their backend partner. Meanwhile, Phison Electronics reportedly has also cut into PS5 supply chain with its SSD controller chips packaged by Taiwan's OSE, the sources added.


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Waaaaaaay to early to be making these precise kinds of estimates. Who knows what the environment will be like next year, let alone 5.

I'm sure PS5 will be very successful but that source knows exactly as much as we do about how much supply the PS5 will need in 2022 or so. No idea what kind of source that is supposed to be.

Not happening.

“May challenge 170M in it’s five year cycle” is an especially big pie in the sky.

Xxain said:
Waaaaaaay to early to be making these precise kinds of estimates. Who knows what the environment will be like next year, let alone 5.

There are multiple metrics to estimate demand even now. trends

2.pre-orders on the internet

Sony is a professional company that successfully delivered play station consoles, without shortages. They are already paying the supplier for a 120-170m units to be produced in the 5 years frame, so the supplier can have the kits in time.  So, they believe PS5 selling within that range in  5 years is  possible inside Sony Headquarters.

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If that were true Sony would have tens of millions of systems lying around in warehouses after a few years. So I'm gonna say no.

This site always underestimate the power of PlayStation. PS4 is just the warm-up to what is dropping in November. Nobody expected PS2 and PS4 to dominate like that, yet here we are.

Lmao that's not happening. It would need 30 millions years which is DS level when it was cheap as hell.

PS4 had the stars aligned with a failure from Microsoft and them not even trying to make first party and Nintendo flopping hard.

Now microsoft seems more invested and Nintendo is literally outpacing the PS4, many Switch owners might not buy a PS5/Series X.

PS5 is supposed to be more expensive as well. This would also not make sense since they will probably replace the original PS5 with a slim and a pro later on, dont think they plan that far in advance production when annual projections are being constantly revised through the year normally.

Any chance that they'll use some hardware for PSnow center?
Because 170 millions is a lot

Seems like digitimes really want that invite from Pachter into his exclusive club.