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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Which franchises will/won't make an appearance on Switch?

Which Nintendo franchises do you think we will or won't end up getting on the Switch?

I'm thinking about games like Star Fox, Fzero, Pikmin, Kid Icarus, Advance Wars, Golden Sun, Excitebike, Pilotwings, Punchout, Warioware, Wave Race, Mario & Luigi, whatever else you can think of...(not mentioning Mario RPG or Earthbound cuz I don't think those will ever get sequels).

Many of these are neglected franchises that we haven't seen in a while. With Nintendo consolidating to just one system you would think we'd get everything on the Switch. But which of these or other first party series do you think Switch will get, won't get, what do you want to see or hope they don't bring back.

Personally I'd be interested in checking out most of these if they came out with a great new version on Switch. The only one of these that I definitely expect to see is Pikmin. But I would think during the second half of Switch's life that we're moving into now games like these will start to pop up now that they've released or ported most of the major series and there are probably only a handful of more versions of the big franchises to come out.

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I'm not going count things they've already announced like Metroid Prime 4.

I expect to see a Tomodachi game and a Wario game or two and another Mario Party. After that it's hard to predict other than I expect them to resurrect a lot of old franchises. But which franchises? I don't know.

I guess Fossil Fighter wont make it to the Switch..

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No love for Star Tropics.

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