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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Who will lead in LTD sales: Poke v Odyssey v BotW v AC in Aug '20 quarterly results?


Which game will have sold the most LTD this quarter?

Pokemon Sword/Shield 8 25.81%
Mario Odyssey 2 6.45%
Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 6.45%
Animal Crossing: New Horizons 19 61.29%

What order will the following Switch games be in lifetime sales when Nintendo releases their next quarterly results in a couple weeks?

Between Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, and AC? Leaving out Smash because there is no doubt it will remain ahead of at least the first three of these games.

Last quarterly results had Mario and Zelda tied at 17.41 million, Pokemon just behind at 17.37 million, and AC having just launched at 11.77 million with it reaching 13.41 million after six weeks on the market.

Poll for which game will be in the lead.

I'm gonna say:

1. Pokemon 18.8 mil

2. Botw 18.6 mil

3. Mario 18.4 mil

4. AC 17 mil

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Pokemon will lead, it sold more this quarter than Zelda or Odyssey

However after this year I kinda see BOTW as a more resilient seller, so it will take the second position eventually. I say second, because until Zelda can surpass Pokemon again Animal Crossing will be already in the lead

This is like Godzilla: King of Monsters. Zelda, Odyssey, and Pokemon are all Titans, but AC is going to be the king of Titans.

It should be really close and i think they will have a pretty big quarter. We've seen the games go up in the UK chart, NPD and japan so with the huge amount of system they moved with animal crossing i think in this quarter some people already bought a second game.

So yea i'm expecting Odyssey and Botw to be up Yoy this quarter. I don't remember last year's numbers though but i expect the 4 to be fairly close to 20 millions.
Pokemon or Animal Crossing will lead the way. If they had almost 14 millions sold to consumers in 6 weeks, i'm sure the game is close to 20 with shipments now. It is possibly passed that already.

I don't think anything will be able to hold AC down. It's been incredible, so many people I know who had zero interest in games have fought to buy a Switch just to play it. It's momentum has been sustained as well.

My predictions:

1. Animal Crossing NH 21m
2. Pokemon Sw/Sh 19m
3. Zelda BOTW 18.5m
4 Mario Odyssey 18.3m

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I bought Zelda BOTW and Mario Odyssey this quarter so add +1 to each from me.

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Zelda BOTW

This is a really good question. It comes down to whether or nor Animal Crossing can outleg Pokemon in just 3 months. I think the answer is yes, but it's going to be close.

1. AC
2. Pokemon
3. Zelda
4. Mario

I think AC has a real shot at (just barely) cracking 20 mil, so I actually expect it to be neck and neck with Smash.
But anyways my predictions for these four would be:

AC - 20,1 mil
BotW - 18,5 mil
Sw/Sh - 18,3 mil
SMO - 18,1 mil

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