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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How many of you take advantage of HDR while gaming?



Own a HDR TV. 26 54.17%
Own a HDR monitor. 3 6.25%
Don't own either of the above. 16 33.33%
*Escape button to the comments* 3 6.25%

Been doing all my flat gaming on PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, and PC on my XBR75Z9D since 2016.

HRD is still getting its feet under it, but in the titles that do it right, it is absolutely amzing looking. I'm hoping for more consistantly great HDR implementations in next gen games.

My current set does 4K/60 at about 1600 Nits. I'll be looking to upgrade once the new consoles are out. and we get full (out of the box) HDMI 2.1 sets on the market, with 4K/120 or 8K/60 at 4000 Nits or better. I am in the Full Array LED camp over OLED, but ultimately, I'm looking forward to a CLEDIS or MicroLED.

I'm looking forward to seeing Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart and Forza Horizon 4 on PS5 and XBSX early on. Insomniac and Playground have both done very nice work with HDR in the current gen. Further down the road, I am interested in what Guerrilla does with Horizon Forbidden West, as HZD is still my favorite HDR game to date.

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Not yet. I do have HDR 4K TV but I mainly play on my monitor. I am planning to replace my monitor with an OLED TV soon enough though so I will probably try it out then.


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I'd actually like an HDR monitor, but seeing as how poorly the tech is being supported on PC, I might just wait for a good OLED monitor and roll with that instead.

I do. I love my Q90R Samsung TV. Was expensive but worth it.

Got a 65" 4K HDR LG-Something-or-other tele that I do all my console gaming on, and use HDR whenever possible... some games just look fucking gorgeous on it! For PC though I'm just using a 24" iiyama monitor, nothing special but it does the job.

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Come on DP. First arcade@home and now here? Still posting on topics you know nothing about or have zero experience with? Lol

Ya, I upgraded to an LG C9 earlier this month, and it's honestly a more noticeable difference than I was expecting. Whether it's games that support 4k HDR, movies, or shows, I don't think I've looked at anything yet since I've had it where I didn't say "wow that's pretty" out loud to myself.

Some games I cannot play without HDR, Odyssey for example looks trash without it.

HDR looks nice in some games, but it ain't a gamechanger.

The black levels of my LG C9 ar much more important for the image quality than HDR. SDR games also look great on it.

i agree with the sentiment that HDR isn't what counts but the capability of the display itself

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