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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What’s going on here?

Why are xbox fans being treated as second class citizen here? Write something positive about a xbox game and you get dislikes. This shit is sickening and distasteful. Xbox, Nintendo and Sony are family. We are gamers. Stop it.

I am a Nintendo fanatic.

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People have a hard time separating fans from the companies they are fans of. When they see others who are not as displeased with the current direction a company is heading in as they are, they might view it as accepting mediocrity, as a fanbase that is not doing a good job of giving Microsoft a kick in the rear they sorely need, and might get too passionate and heated as a result. It's not rational necessarily, but I can understand it because everybody is irrational at times.

Then again, I imagine most hate towards the Xbox fanbase on VGChartz is not actually from disgruntled passionate users who once enjoyed Xbox and is, in fact, from people who never cared in the first place and just like to shit on other things people enjoy.

I dont know who is shitting on people who like Xbox, but I dont think thats exclusive to Xbox fans. Theres just fewer of them here compared to Nintendo and Sony fans. So it might seem like they are treated worse since there arent that many other Xbox fans to support them.

We are addressing the problems among all camps (even though yes, Xbox topics seem to have a bigger issue given there are fewer of them), but we certainly don't need another thread to pit people against each other nor an OP that isn't even invitational. :P