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Forums - Sony Discussion - Balan Wonderworld - Announcement Trailer | PS4, PS5

Balan Wonderworld - Announcement Trailer | PS4, PS5

It looks amazing, and I miss so much this kind of platforms, it reminds me Nights into Dreams. So lovely, fantastic, Day one.

 Thoughts ?

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Its a 3D platformer, dont see many of those anymore.

I really dig the graphics, and funny how you said it reminds of you of Nights into Dreams, I was thinking the same thing lol.
The jumping sections with the floating rings, the tall skinny people with hats that go down to their mouths.
Theres def. parts of the artstyle that look abit like it. Theres mario aspects to some of it too (no harm in takeing inspiration from the greats).
Also slight kingdom hearts vibe...  

Its like they said, lets mix "Nights into dreams" + "Mario" + "kingdom Hearts", and make a platformer.

Overall? This is a better attempt than Yooka laylee was.

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It looks fantastic and is also coming to Xbox one, xsx, switch and steam.

Looks extremely rudimentary and rough from a gameplay perspective. Still probably fun. Not $60 fun, but fun.

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It's also on Xbox and Switch btw.

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Why exclude owners from other systems from the discussion of this game? Some might not open this thread if they believe it won't come to their system.

There was no one more happy than I to see Yuji Naka and Naoto Oshima back together after 20 years, but I need to see more. Gameplay parts looked very average to possibly mediocre. The art direction was great very Nightsy, and reeks of a SEGA vibe that only developers from that time could muster up but in game graphics/animations were

My biggest concern is that Balan Wonderland,mechanically, is gonna feel like something from Saturn/DreamCast. Very outdated.

I'll play it on the Switch

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