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Forums - Sales Discussion - LTD for Sony's Spiderman: Miles Morales


Spiderman Miles Morales LTD sales

< 5 million 1 20.00%
5 - 10 million 2 40.00%
10-15 million 1 20.00%
15-20 million 0 0%
20-25 million 1 20.00%
25 million+ 0 0%

Now that the two major conferences are over, ill be creating a series of threads on opening takes for various PS5 topics starting with the upcoming Spiderman: Miles Morales.

This is a PS5 launch title following the successful launch of the PS4 original.  With Hollywood not really producing mass market movies due to covid and other covid related items, this seems like a no brainier gift for kids and Spiderman fans alike.

Where do you see this game ultimately falling?  I doubt we will get continual updates on sales but we should get mile markers from time to time.