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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Symmetrical or asymmetrical analogue sticks?


I prefer...

Symmetrical 46 45.54%
Asymmetrical 55 54.46%

Simple question really, do you prefer your analogue sticks to be symmetrical or asymmetrical?

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I like symmetry but I've got no issue with asymmetry. I could do either.

Symmetrical (Dual Shock Style),  and I sincerely believe that the asymmetric model is inferior since it prevents a better access to all buttons. As a big fan of using "claw grip" mixed with "common grip" I find that accessing the D-pad with the index finger ( see the figure) is very convenient, and for that reason I really feel that asymmetric controls don't work for me. Games like Dark souls, Devil may cry, Nioh, Monster Hunter, etc. claw grip really does make a difference for me, so I consider symmetrical analog controls (in Dual shock configuration) to be unreservedly superior.

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Symmetrical, I suppose. I like the way the Wii U did it. But I really don't care either way, as long as the controller is comfortable and actually made for human hands.

It seems my thumbs are symmetrical, that one.

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I like the input I'm going to use most often to be closest to the edge of the controller. So, for most games, that would be the XBox 360 setup. For a few games, that would be the Wii U setup. For very few games, that would be the PS2 setup.

The Nintendo/Xbox layout is best.

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This is pretty much do you prefer Playstation layout or xbox/ninty layout.

I like fighting games so I need my dpad opposite the action buttons. Symmetry for me. I aint as good at games when the analogues are asymmetrical. Even shooters.

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I don't really care.

Can use either just fine and don't really notice a difference.

KLAMarine said:
I like symmetry but I've got no issue with asymmetry. I could do either.

Same here. The placement of the sticks is beyond minor for me. Symmetry looks better but that matters so little in comparison to it's usefulness.

What matters more is the thickness and length of the controller for me. The DS3 was a bit too small but worked ok, with the DS4 being a major improvement, and the DS5 looks like it should feel even better. I'm a fan of the XB Duke, but mostly because of it's size, shape and rear triggers.