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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What brand was your first console?


I started gaming on...

Nintendo 47 47.00%
Playstation 11 11.00%
Xbox 0 0%
Sega 15 15.00%
Other 27 27.00%

Console gamers; did you start gaming on Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, Sega, something else?

(Handhelds also count)

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Sega Genesis was my first console.


What company made the Vectrex again?

However, that would just be the first console. As for gaming, that started on a Commodore 64.

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Snes so Nintendo


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NES was the first console I owned.

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Nintendo, I think. I remember having both a SNES and a Mega Drive (Genesis) as a kid, wouldn't know which one we got first, but my older brother says we also had a NES so that probably was the first one.

Nintendo, NES.

Even tho it was already outdated by the time I was born, Atari 2600 was my first console.

Sega. Me and my brother got a Sega Genesis for Christmas in 1994.

It's super hard to tell which one was my first brand for me because i was little kid while my brother was like between 16-17 in early 94, he suddenly brought Game Boy, Game Gear, SNES and Mega-Drive(Genesis), uhh yeah Nintendo and Sega were both my first brand.