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I had a weird dream last night.

It was about a guy who said he liked videogames, but only ever complained about them. He would go on for hours and hours, about how the most irrelevant details automatically destroyed everything that the series in question ever stood for(a series that he, in fact, never liked). He was never happy with anything,yet he continued to buy each and every new release. Later in life, as a decadent old man, he realized that bitching about it was the only pleasure he had in his sad empty void of time that he called life. I then woke up then with an idea and an urge to eat bread.

I'm making a jrpg party just to play around a bit. I kinda want the premise to be meta about games and fantasy settings, here's what i got until now:

The main protagonist is a guy that has a normal hair with an excentric coloration and a sword that is also a pen. He has the tragic backstory of waiting for the great festival of games as a kid, which got ruined forever because of a one week delay, which obviously was a heresy without precedents. He then swore revenge, and is gonna review badly any and all of the videogames, while screaming as loud as he can that every old series has now been ruined, and that society is criminaly responsible for the death of anything good. He also suffers from a severe case of kidney stones, but that doesn't have much to do with anything.

The main sidequick is a monk guy who is very angry about everything, and will sometimes just scream things that don't really mean anything regardless of the context of the conversation. His personality is that he is very angry and manly, and he really wants everyone else in the world to know that he is angry and manly. His tragic backstory is that he discovered himself getting old one day, and realized that he didn't do anything in life. So to heal his spirit a bit, he decided to make being mad and loud like a drunk 50 year old uncle a personality. The dumbest idea possible, but not out of character mind you. He is my first choice to die for the sake of the main protagonist, at the moment, but i'll think about it some more.

The thief is a mysterious guy that adjust his glasses in a weirdly dramatic way, while recosting at a nearby wall. His awareness of how ridiculous that looks outside of anime is non-existant, but that's ok. He used to live in a castle that received a lot of games, and was kinda happy for a while. But then, on the darkest of the days, he was informed that there was another castle being build, and that people who lived there also were receiving the same games he was. Furious at this, he then started going in the shadows whispering at the ears of everyone he could find that actually, the people in the other castle didnt liked or purchased any of the games they were receiving, and that they were just a waste of time. That was largely unnefective, since nobody involved gave a shit. He now just lives by distorcing reality and being passively sarcastic at conversations. Possibly a separatist.

The black mage is just a guy who really dislikes the idea of scores in general. He once saw a game that deserved a 9 get an 6, and then swore to learn all the most fiendish spells know to man to be able to cast Silence on all the critics who have the misfortune of crossing his way. He does, however, quite enjoy the last Ego's monologue from ratatouille, so ultimately he's justified.

The mascot is a blue puppet, that kinda looks like a dog that was just run by a car on the road. He has the unique hability of being able to see the main point of an argument, but still let his arbitrary biases enter in the way of making a reasonable point. He usually goes by the sobriquet of "king of the most trivial statements ever". It is also very popular among nostalgic 28-35 year old males.

The girlfriend/healer character doesn't exist cause, for some reason, i have a problem imagining the protagonist having a chemestry with other human beings. But i'll work around that.

That's what i have until now. What do you guys think? Pls like,share and subscribe.

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Sounds like a rare treasure, 8/10.

Would play over Legend of Dragoon.

10/10. I think you're really missing the opportunity though to include someone who gets triggered at the letter T.

7/10 Main guy's sword already broke.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

Just make the girlfriend/healer a blow up doll or one of those lifelike sex dolls.

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7.8 too much anger.