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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Google signs 5 studios to make exclusive Stadia games, including Supermassive and Harmonix

The 5 studios who will be making 2nd party exclusives for Stadia:

  • Splash Damage (Gears Tactics, Brink)
  • Robot Entertainment (Orcs Must Die)
  • Harmonix (Rock Band, Dance Central)
  • Supermassive (Until Dawn, Dark Pictures Anthology)
  • Uppercut Games (Epoch, Submerged)

Splash Damage is working on an online multiplayer game called Outcasters, while Robot is releasing Orcs Must Die 3 as a Stadia exclusive. The other 3 are working on unannounced games. 

In addition to these 2nd party deals, Google is building up a First party ran by industry veteran Jade Raymond, called Stadia Games and Entertainment. Google has just three 1st party studios so far, Typhoon Studios (Journey to the Savage Planet), an unnamed studio in Montreal, and an unnamed studio in California headed by former Sony Santa Monica head Shannon Studstill. No new 1st party studios were announced on the Stadia event today.

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Baby steps but it is an improvement. Liked Until Dawn.

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I didn't know Harmonix was still around.

I am confused as to how Supermassive could be making Stadia exclusives currently. I was under the impression that the Dark Pictures Anthology was an 8 game deal they signed with Namco Bandai. How can they be working on both Dark Pictures and a Stadia exclusive with just 190 devs? Hope this doesn't mean that the remaining 6 Dark Pictures games after Little Hope got cancelled. Would suck ass to not only lose them to shitty Stadia, but lose 6 of their planned 8 Dark Pictures games as well. 

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Rip supermassive


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RIP to those studios then. This is just a fancy way to say they may as well not exist.

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They should have done that before launching Stadia.

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I gotta say I really don't like the idea of games being locked to a streaming platform. The experience is always going to be inferior to playing on local hardware. I'd honestly rather have always online drm.

I guess something like Until Dawn would work fine, though.

They're a few years late on this.

A bit late.

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