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Forums - Sales Discussion - Will the new generation have an impact on Nintendo Switch sales?

Everyone knows, the Nintendo Switch is a huge success but will it be impacted by the PS5 / XSX?

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For me no but I'm not an expert, I know that the Wii / PS3 / Xbox 360 generation had no impact on the Nintendo DS, the same for the Nintendo 3DS

It will have an impact but a small one. Nintendo's holiday lineup will have a much greater impact on Switch sales this November and December.

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Switch will probably be helped by the release of PS5 and Series X. For a lot of people seeing is believing. Once they see a cheap system with a lot of games in a store next to 2 expensive systems with few games, then most people will get the cheap system with a lot of games.

It might affect the people who already own a Switch. But for the people who dont, great games will still be available for it.

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A new switch would indeed have an effect on the current switch

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It will only have an impact if Nintendo releases no heavy hitters in the next few years and any third party supporters that may have sold non-Nintendo fans on a console just stop porting altogether.

Obviously, both of these things happening is extremely unlikely though. And that's what it would take.

The competition is going to really heat up against Switch going into 2021. Not only will they be contesting with PS5 and XBSX, but they will also be competing against a revamped PS Now/Remote Play, a fully realized Game Pass/xCloud, and Stadia.

I still believe that we are going to see Switch sales follow the same path as Wii and 3DS, with a massive fall off in the near future. By 2022, I think Switch will be limping along.

The problem will be a lack of software. Nintendo has already put out Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda, Smash, and Pokemon. They still have Metroid, Pikmin, and Star Fox to bring new experiences to Switch, but those franchises are no where near those already released. I don't feel that a Zelda BOTW 2, Mario Odyssey 2, or Mario Kart 9 will have a major impact on sales.

As for 3rd parties. We will see more and more titles not making it to the Switch over the coming months. Even those that do, like Fifa or NBA 2K, will still be watered down versions of the PS4/XBO game, while PS5, XBS, Stadia, and PC will have fully next gen versions from the next year on.

I just feel that there are going to be too many better ways to play one version of a game across Home and Mobile devices. Remote Play and xCloud (Beta), already offer a better way to play the 3rd party games people already own on Mobile's and Tablets. By the end of 2020, PS Now, xCloud, and Stadia will be in full swing, offering a hassel free way to play the games people already own, without having to rely on their console at home. At that point, the only advantage Switch has will be greatly dimenished, and I honestly don't know what Nintendo does to remedy that. As even a new Switch will face this competition. I think it is going to come down to Nintendo relying exclusively on their 1st Party, or partenering with a cloud service provider to offer 3rd party games on par with the competition.

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I expect to have an impact, but more indirectly. The impact it's going to be more in the games that the Switch will get after the next gen, therefore, the interest for the console is going to slow down at the same time that it reaches the market saturation point.

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No really. Cheaper price. For Holiday need a couple of hitters and a bundle would not hurt.

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