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Forums - Sony Discussion - How do you think Sony will handle the PS4 post PS5 release?

We have two scenarios for it. A ps1 and ps2 scenario where Sony reposition ps4 as an entry level Playstation experience with aggressive price cuts both on hardware and software mainly to appeal to emergent markets where most people don't have income to afford a new Gen console and games.

Or the ps3 scenario, where Sony pretty much abandoned it once they saw ps4 juggernaut success.

For the way things are going for ps4, I believe it will be the first case. We are getting very big releases this year just months away from ps5 release. And I think ps4 has room to agressive price cut, it can go as low as 149 usd for base model considering it uses low end hardware by today standards. 

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The same way they handled the Ps2 and Ps3 - They'll lower the price and just keep selling them. Ps3 sold well after the Ps4 Launch.

Hard to say. PS4 has not followed the same path as PS1 - PS3, so it is difficult to predict what they will do going forward.

If they went the same path as previous PlayStations, then I would expect a Super Slim model at some point, that could start at $199.99 and eventually drop to $149.99. I would like to see them do the same with PS4, and keep it on the market another 3 - 5 years.

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Sony will likely maintain their min. 10yr support on the system so we'll still see the PS4 in stores but at a lower cost and will still get some new games here and there until 2023.

Of course the former.
Anyone buying a PS4 post PS5 and goes digital is potentially locked into the digital ecosystem.

That's what they want.

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They ll drop prices and keep selling them.
3rd party will do most of the work supporting it, post PS5 release.

I would like to see them do a perm drop to 199$, and have holidays at 149$ for a PS4.

Ps4? Never heard of it


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It will be just like ps3, ps4 will have a quick death, perhaps even faster death than ps3.

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I think they will drop the PS4 support. Ghost Of Tsushima will be their last big game for the system, Third parties will still keep it going for a few years though.

Times have changed, it will be quickly dropped.