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Best Looking Xbox Console (Design)

Original Xbox 1 2.50%
Xbox 360 3 7.50%
Xbox 360 Slim 8 20.00%
Xbox 360 E 3 7.50%
Xbox One 1 2.50%
Xbox One S 10 25.00%
Xbox One X 12 30.00%
Xbox Series X 2 5.00%

Following Curl-6's threads asking what you think the best looking PlayStation and Nintendo consoles are. Here we will ask, what do you think is the best looking Xbox console? 

Original Xbox:

Xbox 360:

Xbox 360 Slim:

Xbox 360 E Model:

Xbox One:

Xbox One S:

Xbox One X:

Xbox Series X:

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The Xbox 360. But only on it's side though. Standing upright like in that picture makes it look weird.

Xbox One S is how you do a Black and White console.

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My ranking:

360 S > OG Xbox > 360 > XSX > XB1 X > XB1 S > XB1 > 360 E

The 360 S is the best looking console ever made. I love the offset hourglass shape, I love the metallic power button, I love the angled aggressive looking vents.

360 E by comparison was an attempt to make the 360 look more like the XB1. Mattrick designed the 360 E to look like XB1 because it was intended to be a cheaper option for those who couldn't afford an XB1 or didn't want one because of the always online and such. Problem was, XB1 itself was kind of ugly, so trying to make 360 look like XB1 made it look way worse. That is why 360 E has the distinction of ugliest Xbox console imo. It was also a sales flop, only sold a couple million units after it released, in spite of the low price tag. 

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Still my Original Xbox:

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XBox One S.

Actually they’re all pretty good looking, launch 360 is the worst though.

One S is really nice

Launch 360 and slim are my favorite models more so because they actually look like consoles when the recent models could be mistaken for VCR 😂

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XBO S > 360 S > XBO X > XSX > OXB > 360 Elite > 360 > XBO > 360E

Ooh, that's actually a pretty though one. The first one was fairly ugly but after that, everything has looked at least pretty good. The real fight is between Xbox One S and Xbox One X. I think I'll have to go for Xbox One S because it has more texture and contrast because of its white main colour.