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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How much will Paper Mario: The Origami King sell lifetime?


How many million lifetime?

2+ 9 14.75%
3+ 7 11.48%
4+ 16 26.23%
5+ 15 24.59%
6+ 7 11.48%
7+ 3 4.92%
8+ 2 3.28%
9+ 1 1.64%
10+ 0 0%
15+ 1 1.64%

How much will the new Paper Mario sell lifetime? Looks like Paper Mario games tend to sell 2 or 3 million, the Wii one sold the most at high 3 million. Will it sell vastly more than that?

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3m LTD.

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Probably less than 2 million. A lot less. Assuming it's as bad as Sticker Star or Color Splash.

5 million.... quarantine life got people playing games


4-5m is my guess.

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Around 4-5m; maybe more depending on word-of-mouth.

I think it'll do around 5 million.

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I said 6 million. I know it's a little high but a lot of franchises are doing better on the switch that may have on previous systems.

5 million +

This being a decent return to form and Covid-19 making everyone game like they are a 14 year old boy in 1987 means this one will probably sell better than all the previous versions.