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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony invests $250m in Epic Games to acquire a minority stake

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And people here were all up in arms every time someone even dared to imply that there was something more going on behind the scenes between Epic and Sony.

That explains a lot.

It's official, they're dating.

Could this be giving Sony acces to better streaming technology?

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I knew there had to be something.

But $250M, what can Sony get out of Epic? Free exclusive Fortnite skins? lol jk

..... Totally disagree with this.The implications are not good.

It finally makes sense why Epic showed a demo for a engine Sony has little interest in actually using while the competition has several teams using it.

Don’t like the other implications either.

- Free PR in the console industry that MS would frankly have to pay for. Nothing positive can ever be said about the Xbox brand going forward. All future UE versions will only have PS PR attached to it. 

- Timed exclusivity or full exclusivity for any Epic games going forward. Exclusive Fortnight deals and bundles for PS5. 

Edit: Kinda have a sour satisfaction knowing I was right when I called the UE demo a PS deal with Epic and I was reported and banned for baiting. That Epic just picked PS5 because it was just a nice piece of tech...I’m more realistic then that. 

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Sorry. Don't know what came over me.

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Some are pointing that part of this is to get access to the impressive movie making tech used for something like The Mandalorian:

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