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Forums - Sales Discussion - How many units will Atari's new Atari VCS console sell in it's lifetime?


How many units will the Atari VCS sell?

Less than 1 Million 19 52.78%
1-10M 13 36.11%
11-25M 1 2.78%
25-45M 1 2.78%
45M-70M 0 0%
70-90M 0 0%
90-110M 0 0%
110-130M 0 0%
130-155M 0 0%
155M+ 2 5.56%

IMO I think it's a lock that this outsells the Xbox One worldwide, Atari has the more iconic name brand and will likely have more exclusives, I see the VCS selling over 100M competing with the Switch and PS4 when all said and done. What do you guys think?

Atari VCS launches November 2020 to directly compete with PS5 and Xbox SX this gen

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If they're really asking for the price of a next gen system for this, then I don't see it going anywhere. -_-

It's really hard to guess, but I'd go with whatever machines have been bought by backers of the kickstarter and then maybe another 5 or 10K more. There's no interest for this machine and, because of the many delays it has had, it's launching atthe worst time possible.

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It's not going to sell any as it's not a real product. In case you missed it. The lead architect left after not being paid for 6 months It's been found the thing has no console hardware. So they slapped together an off the sheld parts very low-end Linux PC. It doesn't have it's own store. Piracy would be rampant on it meaning no developer will support it. It has no exclusive games in development. Atari said Tempest was but the developer of Tempest says that's news to him as no one at Atari contacted him.

Atari VCS is a scam and it's never releasing. It won't sell a single unit. If by some miracle it launches even tho they only seemingly started putting hardware (and off the shelf) by late 2019 and yet less powerful than most Smartphones at $400. No one is buying this.

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I think they might just get past the 1m mark.

Edit: Changed my mind, saw that it was only 12k backers thought it was a lot more than that. Under 1m.

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The only people who are going to buy this are gaming collectors and hardware reviewers. Other than that, this thing is dead.

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Between 0 and 250k

Considering the kind of machine it is and the fact that they're asking $400 for it, I see it being a flop. What's the audience for this thing? If it had been an Atari-themed counterpart to other recent mini-consoles like the NES & SNES Classics, with an asking price of less than $100, I think it would stand a chance of doing well, but at $400 I don't see many people bothering with it.


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Less than 1M.

Steep price and nobody really cares about Atari anymore. Especially not the company that calls itself Atari today.

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