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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Best of Good Feel's Arts 'n' Crafts trilogy? (Kirby/Yoshi)


I think the best is...

Kirby's Epic Yarn 6 66.67%
Yoshi's Woolly World 1 11.11%
Yoshi's Crafted World 2 22.22%

Starting with Kirby's Epic Yarn in 2010 and continuing with Yoshi's Woolly World in 2015 and the Crafted World last year, Good Feel have created something of an arts and crafts trilogy over the last decade.

Which of the three do you think is the best, and why?

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Out of the first two, Epic Yarn. I think the Yarn style works better, and with the Yoshi game, they incorporated most of elements of traditional Yoshi game. As a result, the game was a bit more complicated than Epic Yarn. In particular, the scoring system made me constantly worried about finding everything, and made the experience less mellow.

Kirbys Epic Yarn. Only Kirby game I like. I just couldnt finish Woolly World because it got old fast and have never played Crafted World. Well I played the demo. Not a fan.

Woolly World, it was the first and still only game to recapture the magic and exciting sense of adventure of the original Island, right after the first level it drops that chill and slow feel of the games after Island, introduces cool mechanics, cool exploration, a really diverse soundtrack and memorable boss fights, everything Yoshi Island established for itself was back in full force. Still lacked a bit in the end to be as good if not better than Island, but it remains the only game to understand what makes it so special for me.

Then it would be Epic Yarn, wasn't as epic as the usual for Kirby games, but the presentation was excellent, both in score and visuals and the yarn mechanics were more woven to fit the game world and story, it was more of a game designed around working with the style rather than just being a cool style I feel.

Crafted was just really disappointing after how good Woolly was, when I felt Yoshi was getting back on track, it comes with another game that is more like Story or Island DS rather than the original, not terrible, just all kind of boring.

Little Big Planet for me, feels theres a bit more diversity in level design.

Of these, I guess Epic Yarn, simply because I consider it a better game, its fun, but Wooly World's art style probably felt more appealing to me.

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Mine is going toward Epic Yarn. Although, just as a note, Yoshi’s Story on N64 was the first game that went with the arts and crafts theme. I think Epic Yarn more or less got Nintendo to look back on the Yoshi series considering it brought Kirby to commercial heights not seen in many years.

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Epic Yarn for me as well.

It's art style, music, and gameplay all meld together into this wonderfully relaxing, chilled out experience that's just lovely.

The Yoshi pair, while still good, don't have that same unique feel as they are more traditional games with a gorgeous art style.

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This is a tough pick! It's a toss up for me between Epic Yarn and Crafted World. Epic Yarn was just so inventive and interesting at the time of its release, there really weren't a whole lot of similar games, so the idea of a platformer entirely made of materials like that while actually including the concepts from it within the level design was pretty awesome. It also had masterfully designed stages. Crafted World I felt a similar sort of magic while playing, they do so much with the level design.

Woolly World was pretty mediocre imo so I wouldn't really factor it in.