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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Your fave and most hated main character in FF series ?

My fave is Vaan and Cloud comes second.

My most hated is Tidus and Noctis.

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Fav is Tidus/Lightning, Worst is Noctis.

I'm sure if I played FFX again in adulthood Tidus would drive me insane

Funnily enough its made me realise I don't really love many of the protagonists, I just see them more of a fitting aesthetic and center point to push things forward and control in battle.

Tifa and Barret are infinitely more interesting in VIIR than CLoud but Cloud feels cool to control.

My favourites are Cloud and Squall. Mostly because of character design really lol. Both are functional soldiers and their personality reflects it.

I hated Tidus. Between the bad VA, horrible design and overly perky personality, I definitely prefer my main character to be less talkative and grating.

Vivi is the vest. Second is Balthier.

Tidus and Lightning are the worst.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

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My favorite is Squall.

Hope is the worst.

Cloud is my favorite (aside from a couple cringe lines like “yes i know i nailed it”); he’s mostly someone who is focused and collected. Tidus is very annoying and my most hated. I enjoyed bopping him in destiny islands to vent my frustration (kidding actually, but he was annoying).

Fave: Cecil
Worst: Squall

Favorite: Squall
Least favorite: Onion Knight

Favorites: Cloud & Terra (They're both characters with incomplete pasts that you get to discover as the game progresses).
Worst: Noctis (because FFXV sucks)

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