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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Star Ocean Franchise: Is the series done ?

Looking at Sales, Star Ocean 4 The Last Hope sold more than 1.6m which is ok. Then SO5 had a small budget and sold around 600k units according to VGChartz data. Since then(2016) there is no word on continuation. Do you think it is over for SO or there is chance SE picks it up again ?

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The Last Hope was the first and last game in the series for me personally.
I couldn't get past the bugs and the bad lip sync.. Did get near the end, but there was a massive difficulty cliff and I failed to grind.

Could have been an amazing franchise...

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I'd guess the future of the series depends on how the more recent rereleases have done commercially. I guess the issue is also that the last good game in the series is Star Ocean 3, which is already 17 years old, so there's not all that much momentum behind the series either.

tri-Ace needs to leave Star Ocean (and Valkyrie Profile) alone and focus on establishing new IP's that THEY own. We don't need another Star Ocean until tri-Ace has gathered the funds necessary to make one that really elevates there series.

People probably wondered the same after Star Ocean 4 since that seemed to have a pretty negative reception (not to me, I liked it, can't say I've played any of the previous entries to compare it to however) yet lo and behold Star Ocean 5 came along.

Given that, a Star Ocean 6 is certainly a possibility. Wouldn't say that it's a strong one (and I personally think they should just move onto something new and leave the franchise) but it is still a possibility.

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I hope so, these series is horrible and bland. There's so many better rags out there.

I like rpgs, but I have never been able to get into a Star ocean game. It basically is a dead franchise to me, whether or not more get made...

Not until they at least release Second Story/Evolution on the PlayStation Store... And then release those versions of 1-4 physically lol.

To be honest, I lost interest in the series after playing just one section of 3. I knew it wasn't a bad game, but it didn't grab me like 2 did, and I'm not sure why. Maybe I didn't think the music was as good as 2, idk. If the series isn't selling well, I think the obvious solution is to remake the most popular game, which I'm told is part 2. It doesn't have to look as good as RE2, 3, or FF7 remakes, but they could do a minimalist cellshaded look and I bet it would look a lot better than the anime.

Valkyrie Profile needs to be brought to the PlayStation store too, all 3 games! I don't know if Tri-Ace can do a new IP though. I remember Radiata Stories being rather boring. Maybe they could bring Baten Kaitos back?

Every game after 2 sucked. Not surprised.

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Star Ocean 2 is without a doubt the pinnacle of series. I love that game so much. I hate to see Star Ocean struggle and I would rather they it continue to let it rest than another low budget effort like SO5..... Unless it was attempting to harken back like a Star Ocean 2.5 (spirit, not BlueSphere)
There was a time when Star Ocean was my favorite JRPG series....Times long gone.