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Forums - Sports Discussion - F1 2020 - Turkish GP

Anybody else watching the race?

Massively disappointed to see Verstappen go out so early. A Mercedes 1-2 is pretty much guaranteed now barring a miracle.

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im done with this season already

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kirby007 said:
im done with this season already

After half a race?

All cars matter.

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Turned out to be a pretty interesting finish lol

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McLaren, my love

Angelus said:
Turned out to be a pretty interesting finish lol


Maybe not the best start to the season as a whole though. Gotta fancy Red Bull as mercedes closest challengers and now Mercedes have a 37pt advantage over them already.

Really hope Ferrari's planned upgrades for Hungary get them into the mix a bit more too.

First race was great, however Mercedes is once again going to be so dominant this year it won't be fun to watch most of the season. Ferrari have shot themselves in the foot with their engine, so the only competitor to Mercedes is Red Bull... and they are quite a bit slower and didn't score any points in the first race. The only man who could make this interesting is Bottas. Or Verstappen maybe, but only if Red Bull gets closer.

Man, I do remember the Ferrari days with Schumacher when the FIA did everything in their power to stop the dominance: A new qualifying format, a new points system which made first place so much less valuable that Schumacher - with seven wins - almost lost the championship to Räikkönen - who won once - in 2003 and of course the infamous tire rule change in 2005 which basically guaranteed that Bridgestone teams stood no chance against Michelin. Mercedes, however has been and is being helped tremendously by stable rules and token systems.

So happy for Lando. Can't wait to see him partner Ric next season and hopefully McLaren can move forward.

And we're back for the remake!