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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Will Series S hold back Series X?


Will Series S hold back Series X?

Yes 0 0%
No 3 100.00%

I get that things can scale a lot on the GPU side but even so, 4Tlops vs 12Tflops is a mighty big difference. Sure, we did see games like Witcher 3 on the Switch but there's also a reason why most of the big 3rd party titles didn't get a release on the Switch.

Also, Series S is rumoured to have less than half the ram. MAybe I'm missing something here but how can that not have an effect the ambitions of Series X games, and what else can developers do with those 8 extra Tflops besides making Lockhart games run in 4k and 60fps?

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But actually yes.

And since the main platform will be the PS5, it will be hold back by it.

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Goopy, let's be honest, Xbox isn't your cup of tea (far, far from it, in fact). That in mind, because I can already feel the blood pressure of folks rising knowing this (rightfully so), I'd prefer it if someone else made this thread (if it even needs to exist).