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Forums - Gaming Discussion - 25 Minutes Of Unedited Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay - Anyone Else Worried?

25 minutes of unedited gameplay:

To me it does not look good.  The story parts I’ve seen (and voice acting in particular) have been horrible to say the least.  Driving segments feel like GTA - Vice City.  Gunplay and combat seem really generic.  Some positives I’ve seen are that the world seems dense with lots to see and do, and character customization seems like it will be fun and detailed (but how often will you see yourself in first person?)  It just doesn’t feel as futuristic as I thought it was going to be, but caught up in the past in a lot of ways if you know what I mean.  Even the detective mode felt unoriginal and uninspired.

Anyone else not feeling the hype?

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It's from the people who think that ranged combat shouldn't be part of their open world Fantasy RPG. So it's not like I had high hopes for this one anyway. But from what I've seen Cyperpunk is pretty much on par with Witcher from a gameplay perspective.

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Nope. Just anxious to play it.

Don't forget that it also says "Work in Progress - Does not represent the final Game" at the top of the screen. Things can and will change until release, otherwise there wouldn't have been ant reasons to delay the game several times.

I had the same impressions from the Eurogamer preview. It seems more a world to get lost in, explore, live in, rather than great game play to hold up the game. Hence I'm not touching the current gen version and will wait for an optimized version for next gen consoles. And perhaps, just like TW3, I'll get bored before the end of the story after exploring every part of the map.

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Looks pretty darn fantastic to me. I still think that the decision to go first person all of the time, without even 3rd person cutscnes, was a big mistake in a game with such detailed character customization, as it means we'll only get to see the character we created when we look in mirrors, go into the equipment menu, or ride a motorcycle in 3rd person mode. It also limits immersion, because you can't see your own characters facial reactions to things during cutscenes, which sucks because so much of communication is non-verbal.

But other than that, the game looks pretty fantastic. Graphics have improved a good bit since the last gameplay we saw last August, though hopefully they can get the pop-in sorted out before launch, or at least get it sorted out on the next-gen patches they are working on thanks to the fast SSD's and such. (I also hope the heavy chromatic aberration can be toned down or disabled in the options menu on console). The dialogue seems great. The world design is fantastic, with 6 distinct city districts to explore plus an outside desert zone. The driving mechanics seem as good as similar open world games like GTA and Saints Row,which is good because driving is something I was worried about since CDP had no driving game experience in the past (though new hires since Witcher 3 might have). Judy and Jackie both seem like great characters. The braindance gameplay mechanic seems cool. Shooting mechanics seem pretty good considering CDP has never done a shooter in the past.

All in all, I am still fully expecting this to be my GOTY, unless Ghost of Tsushima, Halo Infinite, or AC Valhalla really impress me.

Looks pretty amazing to me tbh. And the game does say "work in progress".

I don't know how the gameplay is generic, considering we've seen AAA games before than have done far worse. I have faith in CDPR for this, it's been in the works for about as long as Star Citizen has.

Bofferbrauer2 said:
Don't forget that it also says "Work in Progress - Does not represent the final Game" at the top of the screen. Things can and will change until release, otherwise there wouldn't have been ant reasons to delay the game several times.

Yeah, but by how much? Am always incredibly sceptical about such disclaimers. It's a good way to make your game bullet proof to criticism right up until launch - 'not final version, things will change!' becomes the silver bullet to address any and all criticism of footage that is shown - but in reality how much can it actually change between now and launch? If this isn't pretty much what we can expect to see in the final release then they wouldn't be putting it out there for press to play and for the footage to be disseminated to the public.


I'm still excited for the game but this new footage has certainly but a dampener on my expectations. Mind you, the monumental hype for the game after its initial reveal was probably never going to be delivered upon. It's looking like a futuristic GTA, with Borderlands-esque shooting, which is a bit disappointing.

What I like:

  • The setting.
  • The colour scheme and art style.
  • Most of the visuals.
  • The soundtrack.
  • The little details everywhere.
  • I also have hopes for the story, but...

I'm not liking:

  • The dialogue shown so far.
  • Most of the characters shown so far.
  • Lack of population - from the bars to the streets, it's very empty of NPCs.
  • The cop car chase, with a single bullet triggering the most generic fire imaginable on every single chasing vehicle.
  • That melee fight - yikes, just yikes.

I think it looks fantastic. There hasn't been anything decent in this style and general genre since Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and that was very linear. Judging the story of a massive, sprawling open-world RPG based on tidbits from what is essentially the tutorial seems difficult, so I'll hold off a while longer for my part. The sheer amount of options in approach and gameplay seems awesome to me, and all approached seem viable as well. Shooting is reportedly weighty and chunky, just the way I like it and not the roller-derby airsoft spectacle most people play online today.

I don't get hyped for AAA games at all. I don't like hype machines. This looks to be another case of a game being way overhyped. Only to do a lot of the same things we have seen over and over and over in AAA games. CDPR is also pretty terrible at combat. I love cyberpunk settings. Only way I will even give this a look is when it's 2-3 years later they release the GOTY edition with the DLC content on the disc and I can get it for under $20. No AAA budget game is worth getting full price and new.

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