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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Ya'll remember Biomutant? New 9 minute trailer is Incredible.

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I was mildly lookin forward to this during its reveal. I think I can safely take the mildly out. Squid Battle tanks is too cool

It looks a little rough around the edges but I"m loving what the footage suggests for exploration and combat.

Veknoid_Outcast said:
It looks a little rough around the edges but I"m loving what the footage suggests for exploration and combat.

On top of what he is saying, I am hoping for a robust create a character system. Trailer seemingly implies we will be able to use multiple mutants as a base. A Bat or Jackal and I'd be extra extra sold.

I do indeed remember it, and I watched this trailer yesterday... wish it had some sort of voice over and didn't focus so much on combat, but it's shaping up to be a great game, if a little rough around the edges, definitely peaked my interest since I last saw it!

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Looks like a fun game. This was rumored for Switch a while ago, hopefully that port ends up happening.


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It looks fun. I've been following this game for a while.

God bless You.

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I have been watchin the trailer over and over again. I was hella disappointed that Tales of Arise was pushed out of 2020, now I'm not. I'm praying for a July/early August release

I thought biomutant was supposed to be a rpg? with single player?
Why does it look so multiplayer focused and actiony... it looks like it has fornite esque parts?

That said the combat looks okay.
Just not what I was expecting, from the reveal trailer from forever ago, this seems very differnt.


John2290 said:

Eh, that 9 minutes could have used a voice over like they did with PS access in 2018. This looks far more impressive to me than that 9 minute trailer although it's more campy...

Nevermind faith is restored a good bit again, by the video John posted.
The OP one scared me off, while his actually looks good.

Here it looks almost abit like a Rachet and Clank clone.... which is a big improvement compaired to the almost fornite esque shown vid by the OP.
Still.. its odd, I could swear I thought this was supposed to be a RPG back in like... 2016? or whenever the reveal was.

This also goes to show what good marketing does.
That video by the OP shows off the game in a horrible way (imo).

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Looks good. Has been on my radar since it was announced, though saying that it's a "bit" rough around the edges, is putting it mildly. Still, I will most deffinitely buy this if the price is right

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