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Forums - Politics Discussion - Explain this phenomenon. I seriously don't know how it exists.

This is scary on so many levels. There are some steps, so anyone who actually didn't do it, you know, you kinda have to do it to notice the phenomenon. Anyone willing to do so will have my highest of gratitude for doing it. 

Step 1. Open three tabs on your browser. 

Step 2. Go to on each.

Step 3. On each separate window, go to Fox News. CNN. Then, one of the following, just one:  ABC News, MSNBC, CBS News, which ever mainstream news source. 

Step 4. Go to their videos Tab.  Sort all by: Date Added(Newest).

Step 5. Then, depending on if you have a phone, mac or PC, control find this keyword: Seattle

Explain to me how this phenomenon exists.

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What? I don't get what result you want to see.....

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Peh said:
What? I don't get what result you want to see.....

How many people will fall for this and actually do it

You need to be clear on what browser you use and what area.

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Pics or it didn‘t happen.

Uhhhhhhhhh..... Wat?


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