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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is the most overrated game of this generation?

For me, it is hands down Death Stranding.

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John2290 said:
The Witcher 3.

Good Choice.

Breath of the wild.
If that doesnt count then it's between 3.
Super Mario Odyssey
God of War
Smash Bros Ultimate

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Nier: Automata.
Followed close by Witcher 3, Bloodborne and MHW: Iceborne.

Really lame attempt at being a smartarse OP, changing the thread title from best to most overrated once a bunch of folks had posted. 

Poor form.

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Honorable mentions to Breath of the Wild and Hollow Knight.

Stardew Valley. So fun and addicting with an amazing atmosphere.
If Switch games count, Super Mario Odyssey. So much of what I want in a Mario game.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn. There are some close runners up, but out of respect for the champ, they will remain unnamed.

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My top choice would be Hollow Knight , simply based on the enjoyment i got out of it.
Second would be Divinity : Original Sin 2 , and third Witcher 3.

EDIT: Well, that was a dick move. You must think you're real clever.

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