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Forums - Gaming Discussion - First console you bought for yourself, and why you chose it

For me, it was the Gamecube; the reason was that I was raised with an SNES then an N64, cementing me as a huge fan of Nintendo's games, but then when it came to upgrade to the next generation, my Dad bought my brother and I an Xbox instead of the Gamecube we wanted because the guy at the store convinced him the Gamecube was "more for little kids".

While I ended up getting a lot of enjoyment out of the Xbox, I always felt like I missed out on the console I'd really wanted, so once I was old enough to earn and spend my own money, I saved up and grabbed myself that Gamecube.

How about you guys?

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same got that gamecube because it was cheap as fuck

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I was twelve and bought the Gameboy from collecting aluminum cans and mowing yards. My parents bought me the previous ones going back to 1981. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

That would be the PS4 believe it or not. Even in my adult life, my PS3 was a gift for my BDay.

Now I did get a 360 from the owners of LensOfTruth when I wrote reviews for them, so I could cover 360 games...but I technically did not "pay" for that one out of pocket.

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Wii U. Had Pikmin 3 announced so it was a must-buy for me.

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Reason I chose it? Portable gaming shortly after the NES. Games I owned on it back then. Tetris, Super Mario Land, Castlevania Belmont's Revenge, Battletoads, Qix, Humans, Daedalian Opus, Link to the past. I was a band nerd in Junior high and Highschool and remember taking it with me on every out of town football game, and competitions. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

PS1, put together the money I received for a trip and all Xmas and Bday gifts I asked to be given in money, totalling R$350 at the time (about 250 USD) in 2000.
Mainly because of Tekken I had played once in a friends house and was mesmerized of how could a videogame look like that (was using Genesis at the moment).
Then PS2 I bought with about 6 months of collected allowance.
PS3 was the first I bought with my work wage.

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Ps2, simply because the previous gen I had both a Ps1 and N64 and I liked Ps1 more. Turned out great, since Ps2 is my 2nd favorite console of all time.

PS1 was my first console I had other game machines before that. I owned a C64 and Amiga but when Commodore went bust . I needed a new games machine and I'm sure I was not alone seeing Amiga worldwide sales success was in the PAL markets of UK Australia combined with Western Europe you had millions of Amiga gamers who needed another gaming platform into this came the PS1 while no computer ( I would scratch that itch later} Sony had bought Psygnosis one of the premier Amiga publishers and it was my impending games vacuum combined with seeing familiar names like Psygnosis put against the costs of buying a PC . meant a PS1 was my first console later on i would buy older consoles like the nes and snes , I could be wrong but I feel the demise of Commodore gave Sony a leg up in Europe that the enjoy to this day.