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Forums - Sales Discussion - What are the main reasons Why Xbox One Sold Far Less than PS4?

What do you guys think is the reason?

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A horrible reveal and lackluster first party games.

same reason psp sold less than the ds

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Their vision at launch. They were so focused on TV that they forgot it was a games console first. The lack of power, Kinect costing the launch console to cost $100 more than ps4, always online nonsense and Don Mattrick in general.


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The PS4 was the console of choice for multiplatform games: Better performance for a lower price. And if that wasn't already enough to make it clear what the better console was, Microsoft added insult to injury with their awful policies.

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Poorer first party output across the board compared to the 360 era, a lack of major exclusives, and an inability to foster any new blockbuster IPs.

The main one is not being a playstation, this basically resumes the other reasons.

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It's called an Xbox and not a Playstation.

Plus awful first party game output, and bad marketing and awful first party game output.

But with everything being equal PS still sells more because of it's brand.

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The fact that it failed to connect with the Japanese market has to be a reason, right? I've heard that Microsoft has always kind of struggled with selling its hardware in Japan but like, Nintendo and Sony consistently do well in that market (how shocking that a Japanese company would do well in Japan of all countries) and for some reason Microsoft just cannot do well there. Also the 3rd party support is kind of lackluster and I feel bad for saying it but at least with the 3rd party companies I follow they seem to favor the PS4 and Switch when it comes to actively supporting those systems