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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Pokemon Unite announced (League of Pokemon) for Switch and mobile

don't mind my username, that was more than 10 years ago, I'm a different person now, amazing how people change ^_^

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I've been wanting a Nintendo MOBA for a long time now, guess this will have to do. I'm pretty excited as I find the genre really fun with controls and not point and click movements (Arena of Valor, not League).

The health bars looked League of Legends-esque, so I guess its that kind of game?
If so, maybe something I'd prefer to play on PC with mouse and keyboard. If it looks interesting and has some of my favorites then I may give it a try.

Hard pass. Fuck Tencent.

I have been a fan of league of legends (stopped playing for like 1-2 years now) and i dreamed of a Pokemon Moba.

This though, seem so bland and cheap. It really feels like they just rushed it to please mobile players in China and just decided to also port it to switch for x reasons.
The fact that there is no element advantage, The lanes are useless basically everyone is Jungle, i don't get the whole point and the multiple goals you have.

I will try it out i guess but geez, they really transformed Pokemon into a quick cash grab since the 3DS era, it's sad to see.
Hopefully it will sell Switch in China

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Here are two genres I don't play being smashed togther. It's not for me. I wouldn't be surprised if both Pokemon Co. and Tencent make a big pile of cash from this, but it's not for me.

Meh not into MOBAs so... I shall skip this like that time I skipped wearing a condom


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So much for that Bloomberg article that was talking about Nintendo retreating from mobile. Only took a couple of days until a new game announcement.

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Looks pretty terrible in my opinion. My interest level is about 2/10...

Never played a MOBA before. Any other genres they could be compared to?