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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Ghost of Tsushima: New Trailer, Gold Status and japanese TV Spots

After 6 years of passionate work, the developers announce that Ghost of Tsushima has achieved gold status. The developers are looking forward to people being able to play their complete new game soon :) Release Date: July 17

#Update: More (new Trailer and japanese tv spots) = under this comment : )

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"The Last of Us 2" is officially Game of the Year 2020, worldwide. Ghost of Tsushima-Artwork:

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Looking forward to seeing how it is!

I hope that it will be good. Love Infamous: SS, it's actually the most fun I had with an open-world game this gen. Sure the game was short, and it had some issues, but I adored both the combat and exploration

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My most anticipated game of 2020. These studio...I tell you, going back to the PS2 era, I think they're the most consistently excellent PS devs. For me, anyway. I loved the Sly games when I played the remasters on PS3, but going back to play Ratchet & Clank remaster on PS3?...Ouch. Lots of significant flaws with it. That game alone puts Sucker Punch ahead of ND for me. And I'm rambling.

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Sony's first party has never been stronger than this generation. Let's see if this can be yet another commercial and critical hit.

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Can't wait for this game.

You should do a poll regarding purchase intent. “Definitely buying, depends on reviews, definitely not buying, etc.” Your thread tho haha, so your choice. :)

I really want to be excited since i loved the infamous games... I just can’t get excited about this game though... it doesn’t look good... maybe I’m just annoyed they made this instead of another infamous game...

Imo judging by the State of Play showcase it looked a bit too much like that Assassin's Creed Japan game we never got and I grew tired of that Ubisoft formular 8 years ago.

I could be wrong though. I may buy it cheap/borrow it from a friend to see how it plays.