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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Best looking Nintendo console (Design)


I choose...

NES 6 6.12%
Super NES 8 8.16%
Nintendo 64 5 5.10%
Gamecube 24 24.49%
Wii 23 23.47%
Wii U 2 2.04%
Switch 30 30.61%

Which of Nintendo's consoles do you think has the most aesthetically appealing design, and why?

Also, if it's a system that had multiple models, please specify which model is your pick. :)

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For me it's the SNES (European/Japanese design), probably because of nostalgia. I still remember the moment and the place when I first saw it in a store and it felt so futuristic compared to the boxy NES. It will always have a place in my heart. (That's also why I got a Super Famicom design 3DS although I already had one.)

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None look particularly interesting to me, but console design is not important, or at least the one aspect I pay the least attention to, so im gonna say Switch just because its small and compact and thats just convenient. SNES comes second due to nostalgia alone.

I voted for the gamecube, but the wii is a close second.
I love the fact that both can fit in a small backpack thus were easily to take along to school and fit on the computers there or bring em along to friends

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Black Wii but a close second is the Super Famicom

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I really like all the designs minus the Wii U, but Switch is just perfection.

My Platinum Gamecube. Nothing looks better.

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While I don't care much about video game hardware appearance, I gotta vote for the Wii. Despite the motion control gimmick and low specs, the Wii has a clean, angular design. It doesn't look too different from a cable box or DVD player.
I'm very nostalgic for the GameCube design, even if it looks like a lunchbox. It's nice and compact.
Gotta say the NES and SNES are the weak links. Their Japanese designs were better, as were their late-life replacement designs.

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Wii, Switch/GC, the others, WiiU (that controller/screen thing is the worst piece of gaming hardware ever made by one of the big guys.)

The NES and EU/JP SNES are super iconic Nintendo design imo, but i love the model 1 NES more.. despite the having graphical glitches, there's a front loader door which feels like i'm inserting/ejecting a video cassette tape on the VCR player. Funny how i knew 8-bit Nintendo's console was famously Famicom in 1994 first, then discovered the western version through the internet back in 2000 by messing around in Yahoo! search.

-EDIT: Didn't pay attention to Switch, is it about just a dock? XD

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