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Forums - Sony Discussion - I am loving The Last of Us 2 so far...but the film grain effect on a 4K tv is terrible

I downloaded the game at launch. I played about 7 hours on my 32 inch 1080p old TV in a base PS4...turning down the sharpness to 0 really solved the issue  ...BUT just bought a new 4k TV and the film grain even at sharpness turned to 0 is just too noticeable, and it is bothering me, as I feel the game is amazingly gorgeous otherwise.

It seems the game looks better in the older TV which is some what strange, I wonder if Naughty Dog will patch an option to disable it (the photo mode has the option). Anyone else having the same issues?

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this is one of the first settings i turn off on any PC game. The 'effect' really bothers me and is one of the settings (along with FOV) that console users should be able to toggle. Here's hoping next gen consoles allow such settings to be tweaked and it becomes a norm

I dont know what to tell you. On my 55 c8 lg oled looks awesome. Best looking game this gen IMO

Angelv577 said:
I dont know what to tell you. On my 55 c8 lg oled looks awesome. Best looking game this gen IMO

I agree...there are no better character models anywhere, but the grain is really bothering me ... It actually looked better on the older TV.

Games on the consoles should include graphics option, cinematic effect is ugh annoying as heck, i also solved myself by tuning sharpness, random noise reduction and digital reduction on my 4K TV

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I'm not far into the game but it's pretty good despite being really slow to start. I think I'm about three hours in. It looks great but not mind-blowing. Not yet, at least.

*Edit*; I'm playing on a pro with a 4k tv, as well. I'm noticing a few of technical issues. Almost like it's meant to run on PS5

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I don't have a 4K TV so maybe that's why I didn't notice anything like that?
Also playing on a base PS4.

It's weird not to have the option to disable it, but you'll get used to it, trust me

Can you not turn off 4k?

I was intrigued by the film grain. I thought my HDR wasn't working well or something like that. Then I found it as a toggle on the photo mode.

It's bothering me a bit too.

God bless You.

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