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Forums - Sony Discussion - Are we going to see a FromSoftware X Japan Studio collaboration this gen?


Are we going to see a FromSoftware X Japan Studio collaboration this gen?

Yes. FromSoftware X Japan... 2 66.67%
no. FromSoftware X Japan... 1 33.33%

A very simple question, do you believe that we will have a collaboration between From Software and Playstation Japan Studio in an exclusive game within the playstation 5 generation?
If you think not, then say what makes you think so. Perhaps FS has become too big a studio to accept making "exclusives"?
And if you think there will be a collaboration, like Demon's Souls and Bloodborne, what is your belief based on? Maybe Relationship between FromSoftware and playstation is traditional and very strong, so a partnership is guaranteed?
Friends, please, let's speculate. Will there be a new exclusive for playstation 5 with the involvement of "Hidetaka Myazaki"?
or is Demon's souls remake all we’ll have on PS5?

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Prediction: In 5 years Nintendo will Lauch a "Core Mario game"  very similar to Astro Bot. That said, many will Ignore Astro Bot existence and say Nintendo created this concept.

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I hope so, I want Bloodborne 2

I'd rather they not. I want to see more unique titles from Japan studio on their own next gen, and Fromsoftware has reached a level of prestige where I don't really like to see their games shackled to one platform.

That said, what I want doesn't matter. They've had massive critical and financial success collaborating in the past, so it's definitely gonna happen.

I hope so, they end up being awesome.

Yes for Omega Boost spinoff into an Armored Core game! Before they were that Souls company From was known as That Mech company. Not enough Armored Core games out right now. A billion Souls-like games last few years. C'mon From go back to shit like Otogi or Frame Gride. Armored Core and the like. Stop being so one note!

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