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Forums - Sales Discussion - Predict when Switch will enter the Top 10

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So, the question is: When will Nintendo Switch enter the top 10 best-selling hardwares of all time? It's currently at 13th with 58.25 Million. In order reach the 10th spot, it must beat the following systems:

12th - NES (61.91 million)

11th - 3DS (75.29 million) - Still going, but at a very slow pace.

10th - PSP (81.09 million)

Do you think Switch will eventually beat the PSP and enter the Top 10? When will that happen?

I think it can beat the NES later this year. In fact it will blast past it with some strong announcement or game release. The 3DS and the PSP I have no idea, I'm not very good at making predictions.

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3DS should be Q1 next year and PSP Q3

At the rate it is going Switch will become one of the best selling Nintendo consoles,this year had manufacturing problems and it still sells damn good.

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September 2021.

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The weekly sales have been showing a consistent enough to sales pattern for the Switch to outsell the NES by September 2020. Assuming the 9th gen console cycle doesnt disrupt its record of having record breaking holiday sales, it could potentially outsell the 3DS by June 2021

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Around 72 million by the end of the year, and probably at 82 million by the end of september 2021

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Pass NES possibly by end of september, pass 3DS March 2021, pass PSP and enter top ten Aug/Sept 2021.

If we are talking shipped, I think it will get very close to 81m by the end of Nintendo's next fiscal year. So shipped would be in the April to June quarter 2021. OP implies sold through though and that will be in the July to September quarter.

Q2-Q3 2021.

Will pass NES with the quarterly report as of September 2020

Will pass 3DS with the quarterly report released as of March 2021

Will pass PSP with the quarterly report released as of September 2021