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Forums - Sony Discussion - Question for people who will to buy the PS5 version with the disc drive


Do you think you are "forced" to buy the version with the inferior design?

No 3 60.00%
Yes 0 0%
I don‘t care, as long a... 2 40.00%

Please lock this thread

Locked upon request- JWeincom

Last edited by JWeinCom - on 13 June 2020

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This way the thread is made is simply asking for trouble.  Rephrase the OP in a more neutral way, or it will probably be locked.

Is the digital only going to have bigger drive than 825 gb on the regular PS5?

Okay, but how should I rephrase it, suggestion?

What do you mean by inferior design?


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Instead of apologizing or warning people about something being unnecessarily provoking - rewrite the question.
You ramble about PC and niche games with no reason.
You throw out words like "forced" and "inferior" with no context, logic, reason, comparison or explanation.

Put some actual thought into your questions and statements. Coming from someone I know is a PS hater I doubt this will go anywhere.
Something you yourself expect to happen since you warn TWICE about it in your own original post.

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Sorry but dumb. Question is dumb.

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I wouldn't say the 4k Bluray Version has an inferior Design, just slightly different. I honestly prefer the Digital version Design, but I'm still going with the Disk Version.

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