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Forums - Gaming Discussion - E3 2019 build of Gods & Monsters leaks; looks awfully familiar...

Gee, I wonder what game the devs have been playing... :P

(For some reason I can't seem to get the tweets to display correctly, can anyone tell me how to do it?)

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Guess if you are going to copy, better copy from the best


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I think that was the point. It's Ubisoft

The initial trailer made it obvious it was taking from BOTW so this is nothing new.

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I don't mind obvious clones if they are good. Combat looked pretty clunky from those videos though, but maybe the animation work isn't finished

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Many devs have tried to copy Nintendo. The keyword there is "Tried"

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Bruh, they didn't even try...

Good luck to them.

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I really hope for some Kid Icarus or Zelda crossover stuff for the Switch version :P I mean the Starfox content in Starlink was amazing. Played as Fox the whole time, felt like a Star Fox game!


Reminds me of these classic movies...

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