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Forums - Sales Discussion - Why Sony has the 4 of the 5 best selling home consoles of all-time ?

1. PS2 158M

2. PS4  112M

3. PS1  103M

4. Wii   101M

5. PS3   88M

Why ?

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Why are all of your threads bait

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You just made a thread on almost the exact same topic 2 days ago...

It's simple really, Sony generation after generation has that perfect combination of 1st & 3rd Party games that appeal to an extremely wide range of gamers. Unlike Nintendo, where Nintendo since the N64 have been completely alienating 3rd Party developers from their systems through dumb decisions on the hardware or game format side: (N64 used cartridges, GC used small Discs, Wii U was underpowered & difficult to develop for, ECT...) As a result, Nintendo systems mainly appealed to only Nintendo fans due to a lack of 3rd party support which is obviously not enough to beat Sony's system, not many people want to spend hundreds of dollars just to play the next Mario game, they need everything and variety and Nintendo systems for the most part didn't offer that.

As for Microsoft, while they have great 3rd party support, i think the problem lies on their 1st party support, and this problem has become far more apparent on the Xbox One. While Xbox definitely has some bigger exclusive franchises like Halo and Forza, the problem is they depend too much on those franchises and they lack exclusive content in other genres that would help them appeal to a broader audience. Xbox lacks adventure games, RPG games, Story-Driven games, and JRPGs/Japanese support all together, making Xbox's audience being limited to players who only like shooters and sport games. Unlike Sony, where PS has a ton of adventure, RPG, and story driven games to go alongside their sport and shooter games, making PS appeal to a wider audience all these years. And now with all Xbox exclusives being available on PC, there's becoming less and less of a reason to purchase an Xbox one anymore.

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Somebody really loves Sony.

Its not that hard to know the answer...... unless you are baiting for some sort of answers?

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They have just been doing more or less the right thing to do, + a powerful marketing load.

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Is it Sony appreciation month already? This is like the third "Why is Sony so awesome" thread I've seen in like a week.

I'll just say what I said in the other two: Consistency.

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Nintendo is dominating with sony