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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's the most disappointing game system you've ever owned?

What's the most disappointing game system you've ever owned? Did you keep it? Did you trade it in? What games did you have on it?

I hate to say this but Nintendo 64. I owned one as a kid and loved it. Then I bought one to collect for six years ago. The system just has not held up well over the years. Many games on the system like Goldeneye, and Turok aren't classics. They're just old. I can't get over the N64 fog when playing games like Rogue Squadron. True classics for the system like Zelda, or Starfox were remade for another system ages ago. Collectathon platformers just kind of all feel the same. IMO it was a revolutionary system for it's time, but N64 just has not aged all that well.

I wound up trading it in eventually.

I had...

Perfect Dark
Turok 2
Banjo Kazooie (The best collectathon platformer IMO)
Banjo Tooie
Conker's Bad Fur Day
Super Mario 64
DK 64
Rogue Squadron
Resident Evil 2
Ocarina of Time (20 FPS has not aged well. Get the 3DS version!)
Majora's Mask
Excitebike 64
Starfox 64
Battletanks 2

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The Vita.

Bought OLED version with Gravity Rush at launch and eventually got a few other games... And that was that... The memory prices were also outrageous for it's time and still are. Sold it half way through it's life cycle. Then bought it again cause I lost a bet from my friend who was selling it :/ which I still have somewhere... I did manage to hack it though and that is when it became a lot less meh...

Coming from how fap worthy the PSP was for me, this was a major disappointment. But I did like the PSP for it's multimedia capabilities as well for it's time but when the Vita came out, none of that mattered since my phone could not only do all of that, it could do it better. Not to mention some of the ports it got and some of the "AAA" games it got were truly terrible like the Borderlands and Cod games.


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Probably Vita and second place PSP, I'm really not a portable guy. Don't commute so I'm either at work, quick time of home or have the TV available. So at most a fast smartphone gaming is what I do outside of console gaming so never put much love on he portable games I have.

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Atari Shaguar.

XBox 1, hands down. It is a glorified netflix player on my one TV that is not a smart TV at this point. A close second would be the 360, but at least it had a few exclusives that I wanted to play like Witcher 2 and the Fable games.

As a matter of fact, I cannot think of any other console I was truly disappointed in TBH.

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I was going to choose the N64. I only had a few games and I never beat those games.
But I think that was just my life then. I mean I didn't get a gamecube or a wii. And only got the wii U when Bayonetta came out.

So I'm choosing the XBox one. Scalebound got cancelled. Quantum break was a pretty big bust. And that's it. No good JRPG like Lost O or Tales of Vesperia.
Nothing as powerful as Alan wake IMO.

I enjoyed the kinect sports on xbox 360. I heard nothing but horror shows about the third one though that's on xbox one.

Overall just a big disappointment from the fun I had on the xbox 360.

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Every word in the OP is wrong though.

But yeah, uhh either WiiU or Vita, but I'll vote for WiiU because I didn't get a Vita expecting to put much time into playing it; I just wanted to play Uncharted. WiiU however was a main Nintendo console, and it never delivered. There was no 'fire' in Nintendo, games were never ambitious (except Breath of the Wild, but that was delayed so much that you can't really consider it a WiiU game anymore) and it shows.

Before that I was probably most disappointed by the Gamecube. Why am I a Nintendo fan again?

The Wii U. I still have it.

I never had any noteworthy expectations for it, but it still managed to disappoint time and time again. It operated more like a PC than a console, beginning with the long startup, continuing with the inexplicable "first download, then install" logic, ending with its purpose to get western AAA third party games (which are PC games). So much of it felt disconnected and incoherent, so much unnecessary baggage that got into the way of the few good things.

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XBOX 360.

Thought about it, and surprisingly enough I'd actually say the PS3. I owned one for about 18 months, and between it and my 360 and Wii, it was the one I played the least. That being said, I sold it to my brother right before Sony really started knocking it out of the park with their exclusives, so maybe if I'd hung onto it for a bit longer I'd have felt differently.

The original model Xbox One might also be up there, but to be honest I mainly bought it because my 360 was dying and by that point they'd added back-compatibility for all the major titles I owned, so really I got what I wanted out of the system.