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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Cross-gen support; what's your take?

How do you feel about the practice of releasing games across multiple generations of hardware during generational transitions? 

In your opinion, should older systems still be supported after replacement, and if so, for how long?

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3rd parties can do as they wish.

1st parties should have next gen exclusives from day 1. Some cross gen is fine of course.

I'd agree that 1st party devs should forego cross gen games as much as possible to focus solely on the new consoles.

3rd party devs, cross gen releases make sense for the 1st year of the new console's life, but beyond that I think they should focus on the new consoles and only release cross gen if it doesn't hold back the game and has very little cost in terms of money and manpower.

Tbh I'm all for cross-gen support as long as next gen games doesn't get hindered by last gen ports. However I do realize that making games for both previous and current gen consoles may limit a game's maximum potential since a developer may not be willing to put their time money and resources to make their games look and play their best on next gen hardware, which could slow the feeling of true progression of tech in gaming since games are feeling too much like their older ports of last gen game. If that's the case where developers are limiting their potential by releasing their games on last gen hardware, then I believe they should cease cross gen support.

I personally want next gen cause if they are gonna ask me to spend $500 or more on a console, I want my next gen experience sooner than later.

In reality, most companies have projects and etc that have been planned years in advance so there's no escaping cross gen for the first few years.


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I think an old successful console should be supported even after the successor is released, but the console maker needs to do it right.  Big titles should go on the new console.  Having a strong launch is important.  The older system is where you put your niche, experimental and low budget titles.  For example I don't think Nintendo should have released LABO in 2018, but this sort of experimental title would have been a good Switch title once the Switch 2 (or whatever it is) launched.  Likewise I know Pikmin has a small but loyal following.  If they release this on Switch after the Switch 2 launches, then Pikmin fans still get their game, but it doesn't take the place of an otherwise larger title.

My daughter's favorite game is Miitopia.  She really wants to see a sequel to it, but I don't think it makes good business sense to release a game like that right now.  But in 2024-2025, where the main goal is just to prolong the system's life, then a Miitopia 2 game makes a lot of sense.  First party support naturally attracts third party support.  Just having a few small first party titles on a system every year can prolong it's life for several years even after the successor has launched.

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It depends on the publisher. For third parties they absolutely should support the old gen for at least a year. There are a ton of people who wait to upgrade. It makes no sense not to keep giving them new games.

For first parties it depends. M$ owes Xbox One owners for the poor support they gave the console during it's run, and the XboX only launched a couple of years ago. Their users deserve more than they've gotten so far.

Sony on the other hand supported the PS4 extremely well, and are giving it a great swan song with TLOU2 and Ghost of Sushima. As far as I'm concerned they can do whatever they want. PS4 owners should be happy with what theyve got, and have something to look forward to when they do upgrade.

Leave it to console players to wish for games being exclusive to specific hardware.

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1st and 2nd party games shouldn't. There job is to create content that proves the value or worth of a new system.
3rd party? it depends on the game, even though most will just automatically port it across gens.

vivster said:
Leave it to console players to wish for games being exclusive to specific hardware.

Because its one of the biggest advantage consoles have.
Pc developer needs to keep in mind that the pc market is 10,000+ differnt setups of hardware, so they make games that can run on a potato and try and scale things up (for those that have better hardware).

However theres no doubt this increases the hassel of developement (ei. its harder, takes longer) and limits the games (they wont be as good as they could have been, by just focusing on newer hardware).