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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Most hyped game that dissappointed ?

So, when a new game is announced, people are hyped. Especially during the old days of PS2/PS3 gen. One game that stood out due to the long cycle of making was Final Fantasy XIII. I still remember the E3 2006 Trailer and we all thought the best game of all time is coming, then 2010 it finally arrives in Europe/America and the gamers are kinda divided. I played the game till the end, but i dont feel the need to revisit it like other FF, same case goes for FF XV. FFXIII in my mind is an endless corridor with just pressing one or two buttons. They really tried to re-invent the game for western gamers and it became a total mess, the story was good, but this one corridor thing with only one or two open spaces wasnot good. I mean FF7R is also one corridor, but it has its towns, its interesting gameplay, where you like to replay chapters to find all the quests, items. FF 13 was kinda dead on that, i remember doing some missions, but the world felt kinda dead, nothing alike FF X or FF XII, even FFXV. What other game you think was a hype killer ?

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God of war 2018. People were hyping it to be the next master piece but it was a mediocre game all the way through. After it got those really good reviews I thought I had to get it. 6/10.

Devil's Third was hyped a lot and that ended bad. Never played it though but there is small part of me that wishes I got a copy just to hold onto for shits and giggles.

MasonADC said:
God of war 2018. People were hyping it to be the next master piece but it was a mediocre game all the way through. After it got those really good reviews I thought I had to get it. 6/10.

I AM with you on this , bought it and everything i was thinking was " i want to finish it hope the story is short cause this is Boring as fuck and kid is annoying..." Dropped it, picked it again last week and Boy this game is overhyped as fuck. I just want this franchise to fucking end already and Sony santa monica moves on ...


MasonADC said:
God of war 2018. People were hyping it to be the next master piece but it was a mediocre game all the way through. After it got those really good reviews I thought I had to get it. 6/10.

Yeah, God of War is probably one of the best examples of lies becoming reality. I wouldn't say it's a bad game, but it's far from a great game, let alone a masterpiece. Collective hype really masked the true nature of the game.

I think Kingdom Hearts III would be my personal choice. The game looked phenomenal on the trailers, the story seemed to be really good, I was really looking forward to see how they would end the saga... and then I realized the story was shit, that the ending was incredibly rushed, that it had one of the weakest soundtracks in the series and that the Disney worlds were a massive disappointment in general. As a huge Kingdom Hearts fan, KH III made me really sad. So sad that it made me rethink my feelings about the entire franchise. Now I can see that every game since Birth By Sleep (included) was a mistake.

Pokémon Sword and Shield also disappointed me a lot, but I wasn't nearly as hyped... so it wasn't so bad. But it's really sad that the last entry in an over 20 year old franchise is worse than the first one on Game Boy.

Finally... Octopath Traveler. I was very excited to play an old school JRPG like the ones in the 90s. The art style looked great, the music was fantastic, the battle system was super enjoyable and the premise of living 8 different stories was very appealing to me. Unfortunately, the game was just super repetitive (like, I can't even put into words how much) and the individual stories were very lacking. I couldn't even finish the game. A shame, because everything else was awesome.

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twilight princess! that was the last time i jumped on ANY hype train, especially regarding the zelda-series. it wasn't a bad game at all, and if i were to replay it today almost 15 years later, i'm sure i'd really enjoy it. buut the build up was INSANE for me, so obviously the game ended up not meeting my expectations at all. I learned my lesson however, and remained unhyped for skyward sword, and once it released i really enjoyed it! at the time i probably called it the best zelda since oot even.
atm i'm being cautiously optimistic about botw2... still not getting any tickets for a hype train tho.. "once bitten" etc

God of War was AMAZING! Haters gonna hate!

In any case, Red Dead Redemption 2 is THE MOST overhyped shiney turd this generation.

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Mass Effect 3, to a degree, and Mass Effect Andromeda.

Don't get me wrong, Mass Effect 3 was a good game, but some of the decisions regarding the story and how it connected with the previous games was questionable, and the ending left many people disappointed. But at least they somewhat fixed the ending later so, overall, it was still enjoyable.

But Andromeda has no redeeming qualities. The gameplay is ok at best, the story is bad and despite how long it took to launch and all the patches it had afterwards, it was so full of bugs and problems that not only broke the game, but also killed the franchise.

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I'm gonna go with RDR2, as well. Pre-ordered the $80 version. Just did not have the patience for it. My kid beat it (and ruined the story) but I don't know if I ever will. Loved the first one.

For games I didn't play, I'm going with Anthem. Went from being a day one purchase to being a game I wouldn't even want to play for free.

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