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Forums - Sales Discussion - PS3 VS X360: So, who won ?

14 years since the launch of PS3/X360, the question remains: who won ?

Final sales of both consoles are neck to neck. That generation started with Sony losing to Microsoft until 2009, when Slim launched. Since then, they were pissing matching and ended up with the same sales, with PS3 having a small edge.

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PS3 has a hardware lead of about 2%, but the 360 sold about 3% more software. I'd say that's effectively a tie.

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They are pretty much tied with each other. So I am going with a tie. PS3 sold slightly more hardware and 360 sold slightly more software. It might be the closest battle in gaming history. 

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Sony and Microsoft.


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I would say Microsoft. I think you have to consider the previous generation and their goals.

XBox was to get their foot in the door, and the 360 established Microsoft as a force in the marketplace as big as Sony. Meanwhile, Sony lost a huge chunk of their marketshare. At the end of the generation, Microsoft was in a much better place than it had been, and Sony was in a worse one...

Of course, Microsoft blew their advantage while Sony regained most of what they'd lost, but that's another story for another topic.

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Well, Wii won in terms of hardware sales, 360 won in terms of software sales. Comparing 360 and PS3 only, PS3 has a small lead in hardware sales, but 360 leads in software sales, largely because most 3rd party games ran better on 360 due to 3rd party devs struggling with PS3's architecture.

Wii beat both in sales. PS3 was in second but barely. Wii has a lot of great games but the hardware sucks to use. Still have my HD twins hooked up.

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